Website copywriting

Effective website copywriting and content demands a clever approach

“Combining creativity with cleverness is secret of a great website copywriter.”

It’s essential to get your copy absolutely right for a new website

While you should naturally bear your reader in mind when writing your copy, a great sounding website will mean very little if people cannot find it in the first place. This is where website copywriting differs from copywriting for print. You don’t just have to be catchy, creative and compelling, you have to be clever about it too.

SEO copywriting is a valuable process for any new website. Unless your copy is well optimised with the appropriate keywords in the relevant places, Google will not know what your site is about…and if Google doesn’t know what you do, then they won’t know to suggest your website to potential customers who are looking for your goods or service.

Already got a website? Great! I can then PROVE the effectiveness of your new website copy.

If you already have a website and I am rewriting your existing copy, I can prove that it’s more effective than what you will be leaving behind. You often can’t prove the effectiveness of something creative, but with website copywriting, you can. I track where you are ranking for the keywords and terms you want to appear for before I start, so that once your new copy is applied I can highlight that it is proving to be far more effective.

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