Lauren Smith - Professional Copywriter West Sussex

Hello. I’m Lauren, founder of The Original Wordsmith. I’m a professional copywriter for businesses, individuals and people who simply don’t like writing.

But how can I help you?

In a nutshell, I can increase your sales and boost your brand by writing captivating and effective website copy, newsletters, brochures, marketing communications, sales copy, digital content and a whole lot more. I also SEO the life out of your website to make sure people find it!

As a professional copywriter my words have been featured on websites, in magazines, in the press and on TV. They’ve also been printed in major travel guides, on cereal boxes and on merchandise packaging seen on the UK high street.

Now back to you. You’ve stumbled upon my website partly because you need support, and partly because I have written it using keywords that were designed to bring you here. (Take a look to learn more about keywords and SEO copywriting).

The important thing is that you found me. I hope you will get in touch soon.

Experienced copywriter for ambitious businesses of all sizes

I established The Original Wordsmith as I passionately believe that even the smallest business has the potential to compete with the big guys. It’s what I’m doing myself, after all. While many of my clients are individuals and small to mid-sized businesses, I’ve beaten off my fair share of large, London-based agencies to win substantial projects with well-known household names.

I deliberately won’t refer to The Original Wordsmith as an agency, although I confidently compete with a number of them. I’m open about the fact that there isn’t a large in-house team and The Original Wordsmith is, in fact, me. That being said, I have a huge network of talented graphic designers and niche marketing experts and I’m more than happy to pass on their details so that you can benefit from their services too. If you would prefer everything to go through one main point of contact then I’m happy to do that for you.

Outsourcing never comes into it and my core services (copywriting, SEO, web content and web design) are all carried out by me, in-house. In my house to be exact – I work from home and I’m honest about that too. It’s great for you as I can pass on the savings from having fewer overheads, and it’s great for me as I have a ridiculously short commute.

So, here’s a little about my previous experience, which led to my establishing The Original Wordsmith:


    Amongst many articles researched and written during five years as a magazine feature writer, I was commissioned to review the monthly spa and wellness, and restaurant pages of an international magazine – yes, there were a few nice perks!


    While living in Asia I was commissioned to author the official guidebooks for publishers including Berlitz and Insight Guides. Ask for further details, or buy my books! (The Berlitz Pocket Guide to Phuket & Thailand’s Beaches and Islands – both first edition.)


    As marketing manager of a major UK wildlife charity, based in Surrey, I oversaw a full rebrand including a revised name, new logo, redesigned marketing collateral and a new, SEO-friendly website. I developed a strategic communications plan, monitored activity and engagement, and managed large digital marketing campaigns.


    No, really. This was my official job title at an award-winning West Sussex marketing agency. In reality it simply meant that I was a copywriter.


    Leading projects for an award-winning West-Sussex digital marketing agency, I helped clients build strong brands and enhanced their growth through creative copywriting, detailed content strategies and measurable digital marketing activities.


    Trained by one of the UK’s leading online search experts, I know how to legitimately get Google to notice you. SEO doesn’t have to be complicated and I now offer straightforward SEO consultancy to increase your online visibility.

A little more about me


    • Dogs (they are literally the best thing ever!)
    • The colour turquoise
    • Horror films
    • Scrabble
    • Houseplants
    • Elton John
    • Spicy food
    • A hot cup of tea
    • Iced caramel lattes
    • City breaks, beach holidays, any holidays…
    • Treehouses
    • Silly fancy dress themes
    • Gin and red wine
    • The sound of rain

    • Ironing
    • Long queues
    • Screaming children (not very PC but never mind)
    • Liquorice
    • Celery
    • Crowded spaces
    • Mosquitoes, flies and wasps
    • Chicken flavoured crisps

    “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

    (Groucho Marx)


    I’ve skydived, jumped off buildings, and swam with sharks and rays – but I find ice skating terrifying.


    • Ride a mechanical bull
    • Take part in a circus skills workshop
    • Go to a masked ball
    • Complete a half marathon without being sick (update, I’ve now done this – twice!)

    • Vegas baby!
    • Become a bestselling author

    • Visit the Galapagos Islands
    • Visit Alaska
    • See the Northern Lights (I ticked this off in 2019 – absolutely incredible!)

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