Love? Money? Fame? To keep your feet warm when it’s freezing outside?

How about to help raise money for children, and the families of children, with Cerebral Palsy? On November 15th I’ll be spending my Saturday evening doing just that, by taking part in a sponsored firewalk for the Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy. It’s an incredibly worthy cause and that’s largely what made me want to do it in the first place, but if I’m being honest, I’ll be getting something in return too. Before the walk, there is a 2-hour training period, where I’ll be learning how to navigate the smouldering coals without taking the skin off my feet (good knowledge to have, I think you’ll agree) and also where I will be getting a lot of motivational, ‘mind-over-matter’ type advice.

Feeling strong, empowered and totally confident that you can do anything is the type of mindset I think anyone would benefit from, whatever the circumstances. The same applies when it comes to running a business. When The Original Wordsmith was set up, I didn’t even consider that it might not work. That doesn’t mean I went into it blindly and in fact, I did very much the opposite. I produced a huge, in-depth business plan that covered everything from the financials needed, to projections on income, who my competitors were, who my target audience was and what I had to do to be able to stand out and compete with the bigger, more established businesses in the local area. The best thing I ever did was to establish a firm marketing strategy and I advise every one of my clients to do the same. I wanted to stand out. I was determined not to set up ‘just another’ marketing agency. In fact, I didn’t want to be primarily known as a marketing agency at all. I wanted The Original Wordsmith to be different, and it is.

When you plan what you are doing and when you enjoy and love every minute of it, no journey is ever as difficult as you might have expected. I’ll be taking the same position this Saturday when I remove my socks, place one foot in front of the other and make my way across the 20ft of 800-degree burning coals. I’m genuinely looking forward to it and I’ll be mentally prepared, so things can’t possibly go wrong.

… and if they do, one of my clients, Heather Kingdon from Assist First Aid Training, will be doing it with me, so she’ll know how to cool my tootsies down.

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