You could be forgiven for not noticing though. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t have noticed, despite spending a large portion of my day staring at it. In case you are wondering, the second ‘g’ and the ‘l’ have each moved 1 pixel to the right.

Do you really mean to say you hadn’t spotted that?…

It might seem silly to some. In fairness, I can understand why, but Google are undoubtedly the King when it comes to knowing what to do to get yourself noticed, so if they think that this minor tweak to their logo is worth doing, who are we to argue?

Think about it though, if Google are so concerned by just 1 pixel, it goes to show how much care is taken with managing their brand and ensuring that their logo is absolutely perfect for its job. All too often people think that a logo is just a nice thing to have and worse still, they are happy to just go to Vistaprint and pick one off the shelf. No offence is intended to Vistaprint of course – let’s face it, their business model is clearly working for them, but what about the people who are buying their logos? How can you possibly stand out as the leader in whatever field your business is in, if Joe Bloggs down the road who everyone knows is a bit of a shark, can decide to use the exact same logo himself? Do you really want to build up a brand, get to the point where your customers have faith in you and then have someone else come along and offer an inferior service that could be muddled up with your own?

I thought not. The Original Wordsmith loves helping businesses clarify their brand and build a fantastic brand identity, both around their logo and all the visual elements, like their business cards, letterhead, corporate colours etc., but also through their messaging and tone of voice. What effect do the words you use and the way that you use them have on your business, for example?

So if you think your logo (or brand in general) could do with some tweaking, give me a shout. I know my stuff, and I can say with a pretty high level of confidence that your logo will cost you less than Google paid for theirs!