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HEALTH, BEAUTY & WELLNESS COPYWRITING & SEO SUPPORT FOR:  Spas, wellness, beauty, cosmetics, skincare, massage, health & fitness, Pilates teachers, and more.

What health, beauty and wellness copywriting experience do I have?

Working in partnership with well-known health and beauty brands, The Original Wordsmith supports businesses in need of an experienced health and beauty copywriter.  I have designed and developed striking brands, websites and promotional marketing materials for independent beauty and wellness businesses and for major household names in the health and beauty arena. While I can’t publish all of these online due to digital copyright guidelines, I am happy to show you my physical portfolio and I’m sure that you’ll impressed!

I’m an experienced skincare product marketer and have acted as the promotional marketer and copywriter for spas and wellness resorts throughout the Asia Pacific region.

With lashings of health and beauty industry knowledge and experience, I offer the perfect solution for businesses and individuals within the fields of skincare, cosmetics, spas and wellness, who are looking for specialist knowledge of how to market an ambitious business within this competitive field.

I’ve presented winning proposals to help market high-street beauty brands (ask me and I’ll tell you more) and I have built, maintained and managed beauty and wellness websites, created compelling editorials and developed strategies for organic skincare brands, cosmetics distributors and spa workers and massage therapists within the health and wellness fields.

Knowledgeable in the areas of skin care, massage, alternative therapies, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), emotional therapies and life-coaching, The Original Wordsmith knows how to speak to the audience that your business is trying to reach.

If you need to stand out in the beauty and wellness marketplace or have been looking for experienced health and beauty copywriters who speak your language, I would love to help you.

Copywriting, digital marketing, websites and SEO for spas, skincare and cosmetics clients

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