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TRAVEL COPYWRITING & SEO SUPPORT FOR: Travel publications, travel websites, tour operators, hotels, and booking agents across the UK and internationally.

Specialist travel copywriting

As an experienced travel writing and travel marketing specialist, I help businesses within the travel industry who are looking to break beyond their objectives both online and offline.

I bring the skills, knowledge and drive to deliver top results within this industry that I’m so passionate about, and I’m well aware that it takes more than talk of white sandy beaches to capture people’s interest.

Most importantly, I’m extremely well travelled myself. I’ve lived, been educated, worked and experienced some pretty extreme events on five of the seven continents. I’ve survived wars, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, food poisoning and even the departure lounge at Heathrow – and the list of positive experiences is even longer!

I provide first-hand experience and insight into a number of countries, traditions and hidden gems around the world and I have a large portfolio of travel publications to my name.

My broad travel experience includes, amongst other things, writing international travel guides, destination editorials, SEO friendly website copy for hotels and resorts, and creative travel agency promotions.

If you are looking for a travel writer, a copywriter with travel experience or a copywriter that specialises in hotels, destinations and travel, please get in contact to hear more about how we can work together. Most of my clients are in Sussex and Surrey where I am based, but I work with people all over the world – one of my most recent clients reached out to me from Singapore.

I look forward to discussing the world with you.


    Without the stereotypical sales talk.


    A destination is more than a place, it’s an experience.


    I don’t just write about travel, I’ve spent a lifetime immersed in it (feel free to ask me).

Copywriting, digital marketing, websites and SEO for destinations ,tourism professionals and the travel industry.

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