SEO reporting & keyword tracking

Keep ahead of the game with SEO reporting & keyword tracking

“Do you know how well your website ranks online? Clear reporting reveals exactly what you need to know to gain a competitive advantage.” 

Keyword ranking reports

Keeping track of your website is vital if you want it to perform well on a constant and consistent basis. The Original Wordsmith’s SEO reporting and keyword tracking service provides you with everything you need to do just that!

  • Easy to understand website copy reports that require no SEO knowledge!
  • Results for up to 100 keywords or terms
  • Competitor rankings for up to 3 competitors, for all of these terms
  • The position movement for each keyword throughout the month

Monthly bespoke suggestions

Knowledge is power, but true power comes from action. Your keyword reports are there for you to plan your ongoing SEO efforts, but if you need a helping hand, a bespoke monthly report will reveal the exact steps suggested. All suggestions are achievable by you yourself, but if you would like further support I am happy to help. Your monthly report will show:

  • Summary of your monthly keyword performance
  • Bespoke recommendations for your business for the following month
  • Insights into how to outperform your competitors
  • Alerts to broken links on your site (they are bad for SEO)
  • Details of missing meta information

Further benefits of tracking your keyword performance:

  • Gain insights into how your website copy is performing
  • Monitor your competition – without them knowing
  • Act quickly on information to outrank your online competitors
  • Plan keyword targetted blogs that will generate website traffic
  • Form effective online strategies – even if you know absolutely nothing about SEO!
  • Fresh insights into opportunities you might not have previously considered
  • Get even more visitors to your website!

Regular reporting and real-time insights. Sign up before your competitors do!

I genuinely want my clients to be successful and will never allow a competitor of an existing client to benefit from the same knowledge as they do.

Not only will you see where your own site ranks for your targeted keywords, but you’ll see how your competitors rank for those same words or terms too.

Please contact me to get your SEO reports started.

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