What does copywriting have to do with sausages?

I often get asked what makes something ‘copywriting’ and not just ‘writing’.

The easiest way to explain this is with the help of the humble banger. (Sausages, for any non-Brits reading this.)

Let’s say you’ve enjoyed a mouth-wateringly tasty BBQ on a Sunday and there’s a leftover sausage that you take to work on the Monday. Everyone will want it, won’t they?

… of course they will, it’s a sausage!

Now, you need to stop people from stealing your sausage. Admittedly, it may seem like a bit of a dick move to get so possessive over cooked meat, but it’s your lunch and you have every right to protect it, dammit!

So you write a note and stick it on your sausage for everyone to read.

Writing about sausages

Your note says…

“This is my sausage – don’t eat it.”

By mid-morning, your sausage has vanished.

Why is this? It’s because you relied on writing, rather than copywriting. Writing is literal, factual, descriptive and generally accurate, but it’s not emotive. Copywriting, on the other hand, elicits an emotional response in the person reading it.

Imagine you’d said something more along the lines of…

“This is my sausage. I’ve already licked it.”

No bugger is going to be stealing that bad boy and if they do, well… we can’t do anything about the sicko’s in this world.

The point is that the second example is written to generate an emotional response. This is what copywriting is. It’s emotional and it speaks to the reader, creating a reaction in them that will sell something. This could be a product or service, but it could also be an idea or a way of thinking. In this case, it was to sell potential sausage-thieves on the notion that eating your sausage was not the best course of action.

And that, is what copywriting has to do with sausages.

If you would like help selling your own ideas, products, or services (with or without references to spit, or making your readers feel nauseous) please get in touch. If you think this was all a load of baloney though, (horrible pun intended) then there’s no hard feelings. Either way, it was nice to MEAT you!

Enough with the puns already!